Paul doing a JT Had a very odd dream last night where I persuaded myself that I really needed a good quality digital camera for some holiday where I was going to be on the road with a band or something (I think David Lovering was involved somewhere).

Currently playing Debaser to psych myself up for today. Mr P is off all day, working on his course assignments and listening to the cricket while waiting for the gasman to come and service our boiler. Lucky lucky lucky…

Jonathan Cainer for today is:


(Jun 23 – Jul 23)

Have you ever been camping? There you are, out in your tent on a rainy night. The fly sheet has come loose and a little pool of water has made its way on to your sleeping bag. It has arrived slowly, drop by drop so your body heat has had a chance to raise its temperature. You are wet, but not yet cold! If you could only manage to keep sleeping through, you could probably ignore the whole situation for a while longer. But the moment you wake up, you have had it. You will never be able to get comfortable again. A discovery may soon prove inconvenient but you will yet be very glad of

Oh boy…