pic of the Musee D'Orsay diorama Troubles at work continue. I have to see the Director of Personnel on Thursday morning. He’s based on one of the more inaccessible campuses, so it’s going to take me at least another hour to get there. I’ve had to cancel a meeting with another department in the middle of restructuring their web information in order to be there. I should be helping the department with their restructuring. That’s my job. But instead I have to go over the extremely upsetting days before Christmas yet again.

Big Brother starts on Friday. So I’ll probably be updating you with my fluctuating loyalties regarding housemates. Apparently there’s a “celebrity” in the house this year. I wonder if a reality show with 50/50 celebrities/civilians might work. After the initial awe and pumping for sleb gossip, how would the group dynamics work? Would the civilians gang up on the slebs, or would slebs automatically assume “leadership” roles because of their sleb status?