Well, the information architecture course (part of the NN group’s Usability Week in London) was extremely interesting. I got lots of good advice from Lou Rosenfield, who is something of a web architecture and usability guru. He could do with making his presentations a leetle less didactive, but he did very well with potentially dry-as-dust subject. Margaret Hanley backed him up with some really good real-life examples and exercises.

I must admit to dropping off during the final afternoon session though. I work for an educational institution, and we don’t even have a budget, let alone the wherewithal to set up an entire information architecture department.

I was convinced that I was the only journalist in the room, though. Where I part company with most IAs is in the emphasis on search engines and controlled vocabularies. I need to produce a site that is interesting and browsable as well as being useable. I dunno, maybe I should write down my thoughts on writing for the web – taking Jakob Nielsen et al on ;-). There are too many librarians in this game

So, watch this space. The dyspeptic stuff about spouses and my life in general has been deleted, and I think I’m going to use this as a general storage space for interesting things that pass through my transom. It’ll also act as an online notebook for things that I want to jot down quickly, so don’t expect all the posts to make sense.

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